You probably found this site by searching for "Karatbars Scam". The blog name was not a fake warning just simple keyword targeting. (That's like knowing
where the ball is going and getting in position.)  My stats showed nearly 100 people landed here per week searching for "Karatbars Scam". I got many calls
and helped several get started.

By request I removed the content (Because of the name of the blog) and I'm letting the domain expire. The site will drop from the number 1 position without
content and no longer be worth a lot of money to others.

Prior comments:
"Thanks for an awesome information page on Karatbars and defending them" -Tim Singleton
" I read your comments and am glad ou took time to qualify your background and experiences" -Michael

" 'Ran across your comments while I was conducting "due diligence" for a business opportunity that
was presented to me this week. Wanted to express my appreciation to you for taking the time to
position yourself where it really makes a difference.

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