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Karatbars money to gold scam

Is Karatbars a money to gold scam?

karatbars money to gold scamGold scams and investing fraudsters are cashing in as the whole world looks for a safer place to protect their printed money. Is Kratbars a sham? Are they running a con game? A pyramid scam? Since they pay affiliates on multiple levels, there must be one heck of a markup on the gold right? Instead of buying gold Karatbars and take the chance of being cheated, why not acquire gold elsewhere?
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Is karatbars a pyramid scheme

Want to know if Karatbars is a pyramid scheme?

karatbars pyramid

Common beliefs about pay plans that look like pyramid schemes: “Those that get in first make all the money” well It’s true most of those online pre launch mega deals don’t last very long after their big day and if all went as planned the owners ‘got theirs’. But it’s also true those that started a real business like Microsoft or Karatbars made more ( and deserved it ) than late workers, associates and investors. Come to think of it, where else can you start a job and earn more than the owners or those that have been there for a few years within a few weeks? You need to work your way up and stick with it right? Another belief with this type of compensation plan is “There are more losers than winners” Isn’t this true with everything? The winners at the Olympics get the deals with advertisers worth megabucks. Do the rest go home and blog about how they got scammed? :-)
Still Think Karatbars is a pyramid scheme?
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August 11, 2013

The Economy is bad. But just how bad is it?

Well it’s worse than I thought!


The money they print, the more our money becomes worthless. They now call it quantitative easement when they print more money to pay the debt. ( makes sense if you don’t think about it? )

Can you think of any? “The econonomy is so bad…”

Is Karatbars a scam? Is that what you really want to know?

Karatbars Complaints?

karatbars scamI have been in Karatbars for around 7 months and have personally brought in over 170 affiliates.
I am still a member and I am very pleased their services and their advancement. Karatbars is a new ‘catagory creator’ and offers you the opportunity to get paid for saving your money. ( Literally )

Before I joined Karatbars, I too searched the internet to see if others were calling Karatbars a scam, if there were any complaints about Karatbars, If they were legal in the US,  I wanted to know if they were legit or running a gold scam and what the better business bureau had to say about them. I gathered up a lot of the information and put it in a review here: Karatbars scam review